Mission of the choir

1 Share its love of Jewish music with the greater Jewish Community and ensure that this genre of music is kept alive for future generations.
2 Enhance the spirituality of Jewish simchas such as Bar/Bat Mitzvas, weddings & other special occasions contribute to the spirituality and meaningfulness of Shabbat services.
3 Bring Jewish music to our older generation at senior centers, participate in community events such as Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, Jewish music festivals, and other functions.
4 Grow our repertoire to include all genres of Jewish music while focusing on majestic liturgical pieces.


Al Kol Eile
Bashana Habaah
El Hivneh Hagalil
Ha-Amini Yom Yavo
Hatikvah (Israeli National)
Ki V'simcha Teitzei-U
Lo Teida
Lu Yehi
Ose Shalom
Shir Hu Lo Rak Milim
Shir Le Shalom
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
Ye Varecha edley